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Getting Started


Welcome to the world of Peppol! You are now able to send and receive files with your Peppol Access Point.

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SBDH envelope for files to and from Peppol

When you send files using Tickstar to other Peppol Access Points you will need to wrap the payload (invoice, order, etc.) in a Peppol Envelope (SBDH – Standard Business Document Header). The same envelope is used when you receive files from Peppol.

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Receipts (ACK/NACK)

Receipts, such as Positive (ACK) and Negative acknowledgments (NACK) will be sent to you as a Send Response.

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Integration Test

The best way to test the communication setup and your Tickstar hostedPeppol Access Point is to send a test file to yourself. Follow these steps to use the sample Peppol BIS3 Billing test file.

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Add Ons

Encryption at rest

The Peppol Encryption add-on service enables encryption for all documents that you exchange with Peppol Network.

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Peppol Validator

Peppol Validator enables easy and fast validation of documents that you send to the Peppol Network. The Validator supports most of the documents for which there are publicly available validation artefacts.

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Participant Lookup API

The Lookup API will return a receiver regardless of in which SMP it is registered so it is a true global Participant Lookup.

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SMP Manager API v.2

This SMP API allows you to seamlessly integrate with the Tickstar SMP to easily manage all of your Peppol receivers from within your own applications.

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SMP API v.2 Error Codes

SMP API v.2 Error codes explained. The error codes described below assume that you are using the SMP Manager API v.2.

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Access Point Error codes

The error codes described below assume that you have a PEPPOL Access Point managed by Tickstar. If you receive a NACK (negative acknowledgement) for a PEPPOL transaction it will contain a status code (500) and error code(s) with description(s).

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Resources And Tools

Peppol BIS ISO6523 Codes

Peppol receivers (a.k.a ‘participants’) and senders are identified using a combination of an ISO6523 identifier and the corresponding identifier value.

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Peppol BIS Billing 3 party identifiers

Peppol receivers and senders (a.k.a ‘participants’) are identified using (a subset of) ISO6523 International Code Designator (ICD) list for schemeIDs.

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Peppol Migration Policy

You are likely to have been directed to this page since you have seen warnings in the Peppol SMP that we host.

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