Peppol BIS ISO6523 Codes

ISO6523 codes used in Peppol BIS

Peppol receivers (a.k.a ‘participants’) and senders are identified using a combination of an ISO6523 identifier and the corresponding identifier value. The syntax of a SenderId and ReceiverId look like this for a Swedish organization number 0007:5567212047. The corresponding GLN number for that organization number is 0088:7365567212048.

Please visit Peppol Policy for use of Identifiers for the the most recent version of the document that sets the rules for how to use identifiers in Peppol.

Peppol BIS 3

The list below only applies to Peppol BIS v.2. If you are looking for codes for BIS v.3, please visit


2020-08-19: Added identifier for Belgian company code (0208)

2019-12-05: Added the following identifiers:

following identifiers:

  • Directorates of the European Commission (0130)
  • Swiss Unique Business Identification Number (0183)
  • The Danish Business Authority (0198)
  • Legal Entity Identifier (0199)
  • State Enterprise Centre of Registers (0200)
  • Codice Univoco Unità Organizzativa iPA (0201)
  • Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Standards (KoSIT) (0204)

2019-11-05: Added identifier for Australian Business Number (ABN) Scheme (0151)

2019-01-14: Added identifier for Dutch Organisatie Indentificatie Nummer (0190)

2018-11-06: Added the following identifiers:

Added the following identifiers:

  • Danish DIGSTORG (0184)
  • Norwegian organization number (0192)
  • Singapore Nationwide eInvoicing Framework (0195)
  • German Leitweg ID (9958)

2018-08-17: Added identifier for Estonian company code (0191)

2018-03-13: Added identifier for France VAT number (9957)

2018-02-13: Added identifier for Liechtenstein VAT number (9936)

2017-04-25: Added identifier for Swedish VAT number (9955)

2017-01-20: Added identifier for Belgian Crossroad Bank of Enterprises (9956)

2013-11-27: Corrected the identifier NL:OIN since it was incorrect in the specification.

The table below is sorted ascending on the column ‘schemeID’.

Code Scheme ID Scheme Agency Name

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