Peppol Migration Policy

You are likely to have been directed to this page since you have seen warnings in the Peppol SMP that we host.

The warnings in the SMP are shown to help you to ensure that your Peppol receivers are configured to receiving documents that are allowed to be exchanged in the network. Warnings are shown for either of the following reasons:

  • the document is deprecated and no longer allowed to be used in Peppol.
  • the document is restricted for you or your organisation.

Tickstar SMP documents changelog


  • Deprecate 209 (XRechnung CrossIndustryInvoice 2.0 with Extension) and 212 (XRechnung CrossIndustryInvoice 2.0) due to incorrect DocumentIdentifier.
  • Introduce 216 and 217 with correct DocumentIdentifier to be used instead.
  • Source: OpenPeppol eDec Code List for Document Types v7.4, lines marked with comment TICC-159


  • Deprecate 21 (Svefaktura v1) and 29 (Svefaktura v1 and attachment with Envelope).
  • Sources: DIGG, SFTI




  • Deprecated Peppol BIS v2 and EHF v2

Peppol Migration Policy

Peppol use a generic migration policy when moving to new versions of its specifications, be it documents, identifiers, transport profiles or technical changes in the network that are not backwards compatible.

Peppol’s policy has been proven to offer smooth and non-disruptive transitions during large scale migrations.

The different phases of a Peppol migration are described below.

A – Phase inB – TransitionC – Phase out
Current versionMandatoryOptionalDiscontinued
New versionOptionalMandatoryMandatory

Planned Peppol migrations

  • Second half of 2021: Deprecate Peppol AS2 Transport Profile (for AP-to-AP message exchange)

Completed Peppol migrations

Learn more about PEPPOL in the Frequently Asked Questions section.