Peppol SMP


What is Peppol SMP?

The Peppol Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) is a registry that stores the metadata for a document recipient on the Peppol network. Tickstar is the only SMP provider offering a true multi-tenant service to users in 20 countries and counting. The SMP can be white labeled to support custom branding, it can also leverage national e-identity frameworks for KYC purposes.

Full functionality for service providers, companies and government organizations.

  • API for seamless integration
  • Web dashboard with a user friendly interface
  • Instant Peppol compliance
  • Hosting and around the clock support

The Peppol registry with document types supporting different business processes, it is easier than ever to send e-invoices and other e-documents to private companies and public sector organizations around the world. SMPs are part of what makes Peppol so easy and transparent.


Add Ons

The Participant lookup API – Find all details about any Peppol participant
Allows Access Points to check if a receiver is registered in the Peppol network and which business documents it is capable of receiving. Returns a receiver regardless of which SMP it is registered in, making it a true global Participant Lookup. Get the API response in either json or xml
The SMP API allows an organization to seamlessly integrate with Tickstar’s Peppol SMP to manage Peppol receivers instantly from within its own applications. It contains the full Peppol Directory support and improved error handling.


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A business requires an SMP in order to receive documents from other companies and government agencies on the Peppol network.

Businesses that only send do not need  to be registered in an SMP; an Access Point is sufficient. An SMP is necessary for any organization receiving documents.

You can easily find out in which SMP a participant is registered and which Access Point (AP) it uses to receive. Its a classic Participant Lookup you need to perform. Use the identifier of the receiver to find the contact details of the receiver’s AP. For this you need the receiver’s Peppol ID, which includes the ISO 6523 code.

This is the second version of the Tickstar API. Note that some of the controllers have been deprecated from version 1. For these specific services move to version 2.1 of the API instead.

Only businesses registered with an SMP are visible in the Peppol Directory. Click here to get a free SMP trial LINK – Contact Me