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access point;

The Tickstar access point offers a fast, simple way to connect to the Peppol network. Once connected, users can seamlessly exchange business documents with companies and government agencies all around the world. Tickstar is the largest cloud Peppol AP provider in the world, and now hosts approximately 20% of live AP on the Peppol network. The Tickstar AP enables a business to utilise the Tickstar infrastructure to provide Peppol send/receive capabilities to its users.

What is an access point?

Connect once, reach everyone

Access Points are the communication nodes in the Peppol network. Once a participant is connected through a Peppol Access Point, it can exchange documents with everyone else in the entire network. While setting up a Peppol Access Point takes some initial work, once certified, you can start sending electronic business documents right away, benefiting from significant cost-savings provided by the network.

key benefits;

Key Benefits

Add Ons

The Validator – Validate your Peppol files from anywhere!
Validate your Peppol documents in real time. The validator supports all Peppol documents for which there are publicly available validation artifacts.
Encryption at rest
The Peppol Encryption add-on service enables encryption for all documents that you exchange with Peppol Network. Invoices and Documents exchanged between Access Points in the Peppol eDelivery network are always encrypted by design. However, the ‘first’ and ‘last’ mile in document exchange with Corner 1 and/or Corner 4 is normally not encrypted. Use our secure, easy and reliable encryption for documents that you send and receive.
Transaction API
Tickstar offers a REST API as an alternative method to SFTP for exchanging documents with Tickstar. The API enables better visibility and self-service actions during the lifecycle of a transaction being exchanged in an eDelivery network. The API is agnostic, not only in terms of what documents can be exchanged, but also in terms of the underlying eDelivery network being used.
The Participant lookup API – Find all details about any Peppol participant
Allows Access Points to check if a receiver is registered in the Peppol network and which business documents it is capable of receiving. Returns a receiver regardless of which SMP it is registered in, making it a true global Participant Lookup. Get the API response in either json or xml

Frequently Asked Questions

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The main reason to have a Peppol AP is to be able to easily connect with other business entities that are already using the Peppol network. By having your own AP, you avoid having to establish roaming agreements with other service providers.  This can save you both time and money.

You can easily find out in which SMP a participant is registered and which Access Point (AP) it uses to receive. Its a classic Participant Lookup you need to perform. Use the identifier of the receiver to find the contact details of the receiver’s AP. For this you need the receiver’s Peppol ID, which includes the ISO 6523 code.

Your business can set up your own Peppol Access Point or partner with a certified Peppol Access Point provider. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to set up your own AP.  In short:

  1. Become a member of OpenPeppol,
  2. Understand the technical concept of Peppol and the requirements
  3. Demonstrate secure and stable technical architecture.
  4. Conduct mandatory testing.
  5. Host and manage your own software and infrastructure.

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