Peppol Validator

Validator for Peppol documents

Peppol Validator enables easy and fast validation of documents that you send to the Peppol Network. The Validator supports most of the documents for which there are publicly available validation artefacts.

If your file validates without errors, it is forwarded to the receiving Peppol Access Point. If errors are found during validation, you will receive a NACK describing the errors so that you can fix them. Here’s a sample RCPT for a validation error, validator-result.xml.

The validator works for message types for which there are officially available schematrons, such as EHF and Peppol BIS.

Common errors

The validator checks both the SBDH and the business document. That is a different behaviour from most other online validators which do not validate the SBDH.

The validator is able to process the documents listed in the table below. For all other document types we will process and forward your file and return the message “Provided document is not supported by document validator” and error code -4101. Keep in mind that such files will be forwarded to the next AP.

A common error is that the SBDH contains different values in the elements <DOCUMENTID> and <PROCESSID> compared to what is in the corresponding elements in the business document, please refer to line 21 and 25 in the SBDH sample on

Also visit to learn more about the syntax for DOCUMENT and PROCESSID.

Try Peppol Validator!

If you want to evaluate Peppol Validator, get in contact with us!

Change log

Date Change
2023-03-23 Added support for XRechnung v 2.3 documents (Invoice, CreditNote, CrossIndustryInvoice), Logistick 1.1 (Advanced Despatch Advice, Despatch Advice Response, Weight Statement), AGID 2.7 (AGID Order, AGID Order Agreement, AGID Order Response, Despatch Advice).
2023-02-14 Added support for EESPA Invoice 1.0 and updated Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 to November 2022 release (v3.0.14).
2023-01-24 Added support for JP PINT v1.0 and updated SG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 to version 3.0.10
2022-06-21 Added support for XRechnung v 2.2 and XRechnung v 2.2 Extension documents (Invoice, CreditNote, CrossIndustryInvoice)
2022-03-09 Added support for XRechnung v 2.1 Extension documents (Invoice, CreditNote, CrossIndustryInvoice)
2022-02-18 Added support for XRechnung v 2.1 documents (Invoice, CreditNote, CrossIndustryInvoice)

Supported document types

Below is a list of the documents that the validation engine currently supports.

DocumentName customizationId profileId
AGID simple order 3.0
AGID order agreement 3.0
AGID Order Response 3.0
AGID Despatch Advice 3.0
Advanced Despatch Advice 1.1
Advanced Despatch Advice Response 1.1
Despatch Advice Response 1.1
Weight Statement 1.1
XRechnung UBL Invoice 2.3
XRechnung UBL Credit Note 2.3
XRechnung CrossIndustryInvoice 2.3
AU/NZ PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Invoice
AU/NZ Self-Billing 3.0 Credit Note
AU/NZ Self-Billing 3.0 Invoice
CEN BII Creditnote 1.0 (Profile 05)
CEN BII Invoice 2.0 (Profile 04)
CEN BII Invoice 2.0 (Profile 05)
EESPA Invoice 1.0
EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0 – Order Cancellation
EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0 – Order Change
EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0 – Order Initiation
EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0 – Order Response
EHF Catalogue 1.0 (Profile 01)
EHF Catalogue 3.0 (Profile 01)
EHF Catalogue response 1.0 (Profile 01)
EHF Catalogue response 3.0 (Profile 01)
EHF Creditnote 2.0 (Profile 05)
EHF Creditnote 2.0 (Profile XX)
EHF Creditnote 2.0 (Profile XY)
EHF Despatch Advice 3.0 (Profile 05)
EHF Despatch advise 1.0 (Profile 30)
EHF Forward Billing 3.0 (Profile 08)
EHF Invoice 2.0 (Profile 04)
EHF Invoice 2.0 (Profile 05)
EHF Invoice 2.0 (Profile XY)
EHF Order 1.0 (Profile 28)
EHF Order 3.0 (Profile 02)
EHF Order Agreement 1.0 (Profile 42)
EHF Order Agreement 3.0 (Profile 03)
EHF Order Response 1.0 (Profile 28)
EHF Order Response 3.0 (Profile 02)
EHF Payment Request 3.0 (Profile 07)
EHF Punch Out 1.0 (Profile 18)
EHF Punch Out 3.0 (Profile 04)
EHF Reminder 1.1 (Profile XY)
EHF Reminder 3.0 (Profile 06)
JP PINT v1.0 urn:fdc:peppol:jp:billing:3.0
PEPPOL BIS 28 Order response 3.0
PEPPOL BIS 42 Order agreement 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 (Profile 01)
PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 (Profile 01)
PEPPOL BIS Catalogue 2.0 (Profile 01)
PEPPOL BIS Catalogue 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Catalogue Response 2.0 (Profile 01)
PEPPOL BIS Catalogue Response 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Creditnote 2.0 (Profile 05)
PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 2.0 (Profile 30)
PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Invoice 2.0 (Profile 04)
PEPPOL BIS Invoice 2.0 (Profile 05)
PEPPOL BIS Invoice response 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Message Level Response 2.0 (Profile 36)
PEPPOL BIS Message level response 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Order 2.0 (Profile 03)
PEPPOL BIS Order 2.0 (Profile 28)
PEPPOL BIS Order Agreement 1.0 (Profile 42)
PEPPOL BIS Order Only 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Order Response 2.0 (Profile 28)
PEPPOL BIS Ordering 3.0
PEPPOL BIS Punch Out 1.0 (Profile 18)
PEPPOL BIS Punch Out 3.0
SimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.0 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a)
SimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.1 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a, profileId 1.0)
SimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.1 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a, profileId 2.0)
SimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.2 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 3a)
SimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.2 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a)
SI-UBL 2.0 Credit Note
SI-UBL 2.0 Invoice
SG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Credit Note
SG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Invoice
XRechnung CII Invoice V2.0 Extension
XRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.0 Extension
XRechnung UBL Invoice V2.0 Extension
XRechnung CII Invoice V2.1
XRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.1
XRechnung UBL Invoice V2.1
XRechnung CII Invoice V2.1 Extension
XRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.1 Extension
XRechnung UBL Invoice V2.1 Extension
XRechnung CII Invoice V2.2
XRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.2
XRechnung UBL Invoice V2.2
XRechnung CII Invoice V2.2 Extension
XRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.2 Extension
XRechnung UBL Invoice V2.2 Extension>

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