Tickstar — The Pioneers Behind Peppol

You may have used Galaxy Gateway as part of your accounting system or through a service provider without even knowing it! Combining knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for Peppol’s capabilities, we are the reliable team that brings the network to more users around the world every single day.

Who we are, and what our mission is

Tickstar is a leading cloud software provider from Sweden, enabling organizations throughout Europe and Asia Pacific to connect to the Peppol network since 2012!

We’re on a journey to help businesses and government agencies around the world exchange business documents seamlessly and securely through Peppol — a global interoperable network which supports a ‘connect once, reach all’ approach.

What do we do?

Tickstar is a Peppol infrastructure provider, allowing businesses, government agencies, ERP vendors, and service providers across the world to leverage Galaxy Gateway, a scalable Access Point to the Peppol network.

Through Galaxy Gateway, you can automate the sending and receiving of electronic business documents. It provides much greater security than email-based document transactions, and can be integrated into your current accounting system.

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