Participant Lookup API

API for Peppol participant lookup

To be able to use this API, we need you to do two things:

1 Create an SMP user account and 2 Create your security token by clicking Settings > Show > Create token. Now that we got that squared away lets get into some Lookup details.

Are you a sending Access Point (corner 2) and want to check if a receiver (corner 4) is registered in the Peppol network and which documents it is capable of receiving? The Lookup API will return a receiver regardless of in which SMP it is registered so it is a true global Participant Lookup.

You can call the API from within your internal workflow, i.e to find out if to route a particular file to Peppol and to which target format to convert a file before even transferring it to Peppol.

To lookup a participant you need to provide its complete ReceiverId (also known as participant id or Peppol id), such as 0007:5567212047. Please refer to our FAQ for a description of the syntax of a Peppol ReceiverId.

Commercial use of the API

The API is an add-on service for which there is a monthly cost. However, it is free to try it out in non-production scenarios for a limited period of time, please see the terms on our website for further details. Please be reminded that if you use the API in production without notifying us we will reset your token without prior notice.

A request for participant ID 0007:5567212047 would look like this if you want the response to be in JSON:

curl -X GET -H "Token:dgb055f1crtb03f1dgrdb03f1e" ""
          "participants" : [ {
            "idScheme" : "iso6523-actorid-upis",
            "idType" : "0007",
            "idValue" : "5567212047",
            "responseTime" : 76,
            "endpoint" : [ {
              "serviceDescription" : "Tickstar TEST AP",
              "url" : "",
              "technicalContact" : "",
              "technicalInformationUrl" : "",
              "transportProfile" : "busdox-transport-as2-ver1p0",
              "smp" : "O=Tickstar AB,CN=SMP_2000000049,C=SE",
              "expiry" : "2017-04-15 01:59:59 +0200",
              "apcert" : "O=Tickstar AB, CN=APP_1000000012, C=SE",
              "supportedDocuments" : [ {
                "commonName" : "PEPPOL Invoice (BIS v2 Profile 4a)",
                "profileCode" : "BII04 - Invoice Only",
                "documentLocalName" : "Invoice",
                "version" : "2.1",
                "documentIdentifier" : "",
                "processIdentifier" : "",
                "url" : ""
              }, {
                "commonName" : "PEPPOL Invoice (BIS v2 Profile 5a)",
                "profileCode" : "BII05 - Billing",
                "documentLocalName" : "Invoice",
                "version" : "2.1",
                "documentIdentifier" : "",
                "processIdentifier" : "",
                "url" : ""
              } ]
            } ]
          } ]

Lookup multiple participants with a single request

You can lookup multiple participant identifiers in the same request by chaining them with ‘&’ like this:

curl -X GET -H "Token:dgb055f1crtb03f1dgrdb03f1e"

Change the smplookup parameter to ‘json’ or ‘xml’ to get the response in your preferred format.

Learn more about Peppol in the Frequently Asked Questions section.