Peppol Documents in Tickstar SMP

Peppol Documents

Galaxy Gateway SMP supports all message types (documents) approved for use in the Peppol eDelivery Network. The table below contains the Peppol documents currently in the Galaxy Gateway SMP database.

If you would need explanations for the column names, please refer to the document “Policy for use of identifiers” which can be found on

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Syntax for DocumentIdentifier

The element DocumentIdentifier goes into the SBDH in the element DOCUMENTID and part of the string, that comprises the CustomizationID goes into the business document. The syntax of DocumentIdentifier is <DocumentIdentifier> = <RootNamespace>::<documentLocalName>##<CustomizationID>::<Version>.

<Version> refers to the version of the underlying syntax (i.e UBL 2.1).

The syntax of <CustomizationID> is <CustomizationID> = <TransactionID>#<ExtensionID(s)> 

Schema values for DocumentIdentifier and ProcessIdentifier (ProfileId)

The schema value for DocumentIdentifier is busdox-docid-qns for all document types. 

The schema value for a specific ProcessIdentifier (ProfileId) can be found in the table.

SMP Documents

The column named ‘id’ is for internal use only. Please click the column headers to sort the table.

IDProfile CodeDocument Local NameCommon NameDescriptionDocument IdentifierProcess Identifier (ProfileID)Process Identifier SchemaDeprecation date
135BII05 - BillingCreditNoteATGOV-UBL Credit Note (PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile 5a)ATGOV-UBL/BIS 2.0/Credit Note/PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile
134BII04 - Invoice OnlyInvoiceATGOV-UBL Invoice (PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile 4a)ATGOV-UBL/BIS 2.0/Invoice/PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile
133BII05 - BillingInvoiceATGOV-UBL Invoice (PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile 5a)ATGOV-UBL/BIS 2.0/Invoice/PEPPOL BIS v2 Profile
166Nordic eConstructionInvoicBEAst Invoice v.3.0.1BEAst/BEAst Invoice v.3.0.1urn:beastinvoice:3.0.1::Invoic##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
165Nordic eConstructionDespatchAdviceBEAst Supply Material DespatchAdvice v.3.0.1BEAst/BEAst Supply Material DespatchAdvice v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplymaterial:despatchadvice:3.0.1::DespatchAdvice##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
162Nordic eConstructionOrderBEAst Supply Material Order v.3.0.1BEAst/BEAst Supply Material Order v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplymaterial:order:3.0.1::Order##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
164Nordic eConstructionOrderChangeBEAst Supply Material OrderChange v.3.0.1BEAst/BEAst Supply Material OrderChange v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplymaterial:orderchange:3.0.1::OrderChange##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
163Nordic eConstructionOrderResponseBEAst Supply Material OrderResponse v.3.0.1BEAst/BEAst Supply Material OrderResponse v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplymaterial:orderresponse:3.0.1::OrderResponse##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
195Nordic eConstructionOrderReceiptBEAst Supply NEC OrderReceiptBEAst/BEAst Supply NEC OrderReceipt v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplynec:orderreceipt:3.0.1::OrderReceipt##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
196Nordic eConstructionOrderReceiptResponseBEAst Supply NEC OrderReceiptResponseBEAst/BEAst Supply NEC OrderReceiptResponse v.3.0.1urn:beastsupplynec:orderreceiptresponse:3.0.1::OrderReceiptResponse##::3.0.1urn:beast:supplyprocessbeast-procid
31CEN/BII Catalogue (Svekatalog)CatalogueSFTI Svekatalog 1.0CEN BIIv1/Catalogue/
30CEN/BII Order (Sveorder)OrderCEN/BII Order (Sveorder)CEN BIIv1/Order/
202EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0OrderCancellationEHF Advanced Order Cancellation 3.0EHF/v3/Advanced Ordering/EHF Advanced Order Cancellation
201EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0OrderChangeEHF Advanced Order Change 3.0EHF/v3/Advanced Ordering/EHF Advanced Order Change
200EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0OrderEHF Advanced Order Initiation 3.0EHF/v3/Advanced Ordering/EHF Advanced Order Initiation
203EHF Advanced Ordering 3.0OrderResponseEHF Advanced Order Response 3.0EHF/v3/Advanced Ordering/EHF Advanced Order Response
87OIOUBL - InvoiceCreditNoteOIOUBL Credit NoteNES UBL/Credit Note/NES OIOUBL Credit Note v2 Profile
90NES UBL Invoice 2.0InvoiceNESUBL Profile 4 Invoice (Iceland)NES UBL/Invoice/NES OIOUBL Invoice 2.0 Profile
86OIOUBL - InvoiceInvoiceOIOUBL InvoiceNES UBL/Invoice/NES OIOUBL Invoice v2 Profile
167Invoice ResponseApplicationResponsePEPPOL Invoice Response v.1PEPPOL Invoice Response
27CEN BII2 Order Response Profile 28OrderResponsePEPPOL Order Response (BIS v2 Profile 28a)PEPPOL/BIS 1.0/Order Response/PEPPOL BIS profile
82BII01 - CatalogueCataloguePEPPOL Catalogue (BIS v2 Profile 1a)PEPPOL/BIS 2.0/Catalogue/PEPPOL BIS2 Profile
84BII04 - Invoice OnlyInvoicePEPPOL Invoice (BIS v2 Profile 4a)PEPPOL/BIS 2.0/Invoice/PEPPOL BIS 2.0 Profile 4a (DO NOT USE)
83BII03 - Basic Order OnlyOrderPEPPOL Order (BIS v2 Profile 3a)PEPPOL/BIS 2.0/Order/PEPPOL BIS2 Profile
175PEPPOL Catalogue 3.0CataloguePEPPOL Catalogue 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Catalogue
172PEPPOL Catalogue 3.0ApplicationResponsePEPPOL Catalogue Response 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Catalogue Response
161PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoicePEPPOL BIS Billing v 3 Invoice CIIPEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Cross Industry Invoice
177PEPPOL Despatch Advice 3.0DespatchAdvicePEPPOL Despatch Advice 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Despatch Advice
173PEPPOL Invoice Response 3.0ApplicationResponsePEPPOL Invoice Response 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Invoice Response
174PEPPOL Message Level Response 3.0ApplicationResponsePEPPOL Message Level Response 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Message Level Response
178PEPPOL Order 3.0OrderPEPPOL Order 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Order
181PEPPOL Order Agreement 3.0OrderResponsePEPPOL Order Agreement 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Order Agreement
179PEPPOL Order Only 3.0OrderPEPPOL Order 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Order Only
180PEPPOL Order 3.0OrderResponsePEPPOL Order Response 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Order Response
176PEPPOL Punch Out 3.0CataloguePEPPOL Punch Out 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Punch Out
160PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNotePEPPOL BIS Billing v 3 CreditNote UBLPEPPOL/BIS 3.0/UBL Credit Note
158PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoicePEPPOL BIS Billing v 3 Invoice UBLPEPPOL/BIS 3.0/UBL Invoice
189PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteAU-NZ PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 CreditNotePEPPOL/BIS3.0/AU-NZ PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0
188PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceAU-NZ PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 InvoicePEPPOL/BIS3.0/AU-NZ PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0
191PEPPOL BIS Selfbilling 3.0CreditNoteAU-NZ Self-Billing 3.0 CreditNotePEPPOL/BIS3.0/AU-NZ Self-Billing 3.0
190PEPPOL BIS Selfbilling 3.0InvoiceAU-NZ Self-Billing 3.0 InvoicePEPPOL/BIS3.0/AU-NZ Self-Billing 3.0
193PEF.PL Correcting Invoice 1.0CreditNotePEF.PL Correcting Invoice v1PEPPOL/BIS3.0/Poland/PEF.PL Correcting Invoice
186PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteXRechnung UBL CreditNote 1.2PEPPOL/XRechnung/CreditNote
205PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteXRechnung UBL CreditNote V1.3 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/CreditNote
211PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteXRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.0PEPPOL/XRechnung/CreditNote
208PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteXRechnung UBL CreditNote V2.0 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/CreditNote 2.0 (w. extension)
187PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoiceXRechnung CII Invoice 1.2PEPPOL/XRechnung/CrossIndustryInvoice
206PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoiceXRechnung CII Invoice V1.3 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/CrossIndustryInvoice
209PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoiceXRechnung CII Invoice V2.0 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/CrossIndustryInvoice 2.0 (w. extension)
185PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceXRechnung UBL Invoice 1.2PEPPOL/XRechnung/Invoice
204PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceXRechnung UBL Invoice V1.3 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/Invoice
210PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceXRechnung UBL Invoice V2.0PEPPOL/XRechnung/Invoice
207PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceXRechnung UBL Invoice V2.0 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/Invoice 2.0 (w. extension)
192PEF.PL Accounting Note 1.0CreditNotePEF.PL Accounting Note v1Poland/PEF.PL/PEF.PL Accounting Note
194PEF.PL Receipt Advice 1.0ReceiptAdvicePEF.PL Receipt Advice v1Poland/PEF.PL/PEF.PL Receipt Advice
159CEN/BII Catalogue (Svekatalog)CatalogueSFTI Svekatalog 2.0, BISSFTI Svekatalog 2.0,
21SvefakturaInvoiceSvefaktura v1SFTI/SFTIv1/Svefaktura v1urn:sfti:documents:BasicInvoice:1:0::Invoice##urn:sfti:documents:BasicInvoice:1:0::1.0urn:sfti:services:documentprocessing:BasicInvoice:1:0sfti-procid
29SvefakturaInvoiceSvefaktura v1+Attachment with EnvelopeSFTI/SFTIv1/Svefaktura v1 and attachment with Envelopeurn:sfti:documents:StandardBusinessDocumentHeader::Invoice##urn:sfti:documents:BasicInvoice:1:0:#BasicInvoice_ObjectEnvelope::1.0urn:sfti:services:documentprocessing:BasicInvoice:1:0sfti-procid
169PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteSG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Credit NoteSG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Credit
168PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceSG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 InvoiceSG PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0
171PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CreditNoteSI-UBL 2.0 Credit NoteSimplerInvoicing v.2.0/SI-UBL 2.0 Credit
170PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0InvoiceSI-UBL 2.0 InvoiceSimplerInvoicing v.2.0/SI-UBL 2.0
126BII04 - Invoice OnlyInvoiceSimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.1 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a)SimplerInvoicing v1.1/UBL Invoice/BIS 2.0/PEPPOL BIS profile
155BII04 - Invoice OnlyInvoiceSimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.2 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a)SimplerInvoicing v1.2/UBL Invoice/BIS 2.0/PEPPOL BIS profile
156BII03 - Basic Order OnlyOrderSimplerInvoicing UBL Order v1.2 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 3a)SimplerInvoicing v1.2/UBL Order/BIS 2.0/PEPPOL BIS profile
23BII05 - BillingCreditNoteSimplerInvoicing UBL Credit Note v1.0 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 5a)SimplerInvoicing/Credit Note/BIS 1.0/PEPPOL BIS Profile
22BII04 - Invoice OnlyInvoiceSimplerInvoicing UBL Invoice v1.0 (PEPPOL BIS v2 profile 4a)SimplerInvoicing/UBL Invoice/BIS 1.0/PEPPOL BIS profile
136CEN/BII Catalogue (Svekatalog)CatalogueSFTI Svekatalog 2.0, BIS Profile 1aSvekatalag 2.0 (PEPPOL BIS 1A)
153BII03 - Basic Order OnlyOrderUBL Italia Ordine PEPPOL Order (BIS v2 Profile 3a)UBL Italia/Ordine/PEPPOL Order (BIS v2 Profile 3a)
199PEPPOL Despatch Advice 3.0DespatchAdviceDespatchAdvice_ITUBL-Italia/DespatchAdvice/
148BII05 - BillingInvoiceUBL-Italia Fattura - PEPPOL Invoice (BIS v2 Profile 5a)UBL-Italia/Fattura/PEPPOL Invoice (BIS v2 Profile 5a)
149BII05 - BillingCreditNoteUBL-Italia Nota di Credito - PEPPOL Credit Note (BIS v2 Profile 5a)UBL-Italia/Nota di Credito/PEPPOL Credit Note (BIS v2 Profile 5a)
198PEPPOL Order 3.0OrderResponseOrderResponse_ITUBL-Italia/Ordine/
197PEPPOL Order Only 3.0OrderSimpleOrder_ITUBL-Italia/Ordine/
150BII30 - DespatchAdviceDespatchAdviceUBL-Italia DDT - PEPPOL DespatchAdvice (BIS v1 Profile 30a)UBL-Italia/PEPPOL DespatchAdvice (BIS v1 Profile 30a)
213PEPPOL Catalogue without response 3.0CataloguePEPPOL Catalogue 3.0PEPPOL/BIS 3.0/Catalogue transaction 3.0 without
214EHF Ordering 3.0OrderEHF Advanced Order Initiation 3.0EHF/v3/Ordering/EHF Ordering 3.0 (Economic Operator)
215EHF Ordering 3.0OrderResponseEHF Advanced Order Response 3.0EHF/v3/Ordering/EHF Order Response 3.0 (Contracting Authority)
216PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoiceXRechnung CII Invoice V2.0 ExtensionPEPPOL/XRechnung/CrossIndustryInvoice 2.0 (w. extension)
217PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0CrossIndustryInvoiceXRechnung CII Invoice V2.0PEPPOL/XRechnung/CrossIndustryInvoice
218EHF Catalogue 3.0CatalogueEHF Catalogue 3.0EHF/v3/EHF Catalogue
219EHF Despatch Advice 3.0DespatchAdviceEHF Despatch Advice 3.0EHF/v3/EHF Despatch Advice