Peppol BIS Billing 3 party identifiers

ISO6523 party identifier schemeID in Peppol BIS Billing 3

Peppol receivers and senders (a.k.a ‘participants’) are identified using (a subset of) ISO6523 International Code Designator (ICD) list for schemeIDs.

Only schemeIDs listed in the ISO 6523 ICD list are allowed for use in BIS v.3 but all id’s in the list are not allowed to be used.

Please check Peppol Policy for use of Identifiers to learn more about rules for how to use identifiers in Peppol.

BIS v.3 Billing is a Core Invoice Usage Specification (CIUS) of the European Norm (EN 16931) which was mandated in April 2019 across Europe. In BIS 3 there is a separation between “Party identifiers” and “Participant identifiers”.

Code list
ScopeUsed inApplicable in the following elements in the BIS 3.0 payload or SBDH
Party identifierISO 6523 ICD code listIdentifies a business entityBusiness documentcac:AccountingSupplierParty/cac:Party/cac:PartyIdentification/cbc:ID

cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:PartyIdentification/cbc:ID cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:PartyLegalEntity/cbc:CompanyID
Participant/Endpoint identifierElectronic address scheme (EAS code list)Identifies a technical entity in the Peppol eDelivery networkSBDH and/or business documentSBDH
<Sender><Identifier Authority=”iso6523-actorid-upis”>
<Receiver><Identifier Authority=”iso6523-actorid-upis”>

Business document

Use of party identifier schemeID in Peppol BIS Billing 3

            <cbc:EndpointID schemeID="0088">9482348239847239874</cbc:EndpointID>
         <cbc:EndpointID schemeID="0002">FR23342</cbc:EndpointID>
             <cbc:ID schemeID="0002">FR23342</cbc:ID>

  1. schemeID attribute is mandatory for electronic addresses, ie. EndpointID
  2. schemeID attribute is recommended for all party identifiers
  3. VAT identifiers shall be prefixed with the country code

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