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Getting Started


Welcome to the world of Peppol! You are now able to send and receive files with your Peppol Access Point.

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SBDH envelope for files to and from Peppol

When you send files using Tickstar to other Peppol Access Points you will need to wrap the payload (invoice, order, etc.) in a Peppol Envelope (SBDH – Standard Business Document Header). The same envelope is used when you receive files from Peppol.

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Receipts (ACK/NACK)

Receipts, such as Positive (ACK) and Negative acknowledgments (NACK) will be sent to you as a Send Response.

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Integration Test

The best way to test the communication setup and your Tickstar hostedPeppol Access Point is to send a test file to yourself. Follow these steps to use the sample Peppol BIS3 Billing test file.

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