Introducing support for Peppol Reporting

Introducing support for Peppol Reporting

Written by Hans Berg

Peppol Reporting will be required from January 1st 2024.

In this blogpost, we’ll explain what this means for you as a Peppol Access Point provider, and how we can help you remain compliant.

From January 1st 2024, all Peppol Access Point providers must submit monthly statistics reports to OpenPeppol. The Internal Regulations of OpenPeppol shares more information about the background, please find the link to that along with other Peppol reporting-related links at the bottom of this post. 

The first period for collecting statistics is January 2024 and your first reports will be submitted by us no later than February 15 2024.

We’re excited to hereby announce our support for Peppol Reporting, delivered to you as an opt-in add-on service as part of Tickstar’s hosted Access Point services. In short, this means that we will handle the reporting for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Tickstar will submit the monthly reports to OpenPeppol on your behalf, to ensure you are compliant.

There are two monthly reports to be submitted;

  • End User Statistics Report (EUSR)
  • Transaction Statistics Report (TSR)

EUSR details the number of end users you have served broken down by document type.

TSR includes the same breakdown – per document type – but details who the other Access Points are that you have exchanged documents with.

What is expected from you?

To make it possible for us to create the reports on your behalf and submit them to OpenPeppol please follow the steps below.

  • Develop support for Peppol Envelope (SBDH) v2.0.1 as detailed below.
    • Add elements to the <BusinessScope><Scope> section:
      1. C1 (corner 1) country code (sender’s country code for an outbound document) Example
      2. Document Identifier scheme (only has to be provided if another value than the default value “busdox-docid-qns” is used)
      3. Process Identifier scheme (only has to be provided if another value than the default value “cenbii-docid-qns” is used. Refer to line 117 in the SBDH v.2.0.1 specification)

Please note that there is no change made in the SBDH schema since the existing schema already allows for repeating elements in the <BusinessScope><Scope> section, refer to page 11 of the specification of SBDH v2.0.1 for more information.

What will Tickstar do?

  • We support SBDH v2.0.1 now, so you can implement it today when sending it to Peppol.
  • Inbound documents with SBDH v.2.0.1, including the above elements, will be forwarded to you. Make sure that you are able to process them.
  • We will roll out stricter envelope validation over the next weeks meaning that you may experience outbound validation errors if your SBDHs are not already compliant with the current specification.
  • From mid-October we will add a warning in the receipts alerting you if you still have not included the C1 country code in the SBDH.
  • Please Note : Beginning January 1st files with SBDHs that do not have a country code will cause your outbound files to be rejected by us.
  • Reporting is an add-on service and Tickstar will submit reports monthly on your behalf. Information about pricing for the service will be sent shortly to the person in your organization who is our designated business contact.

Get in touch with us

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to reach out to us or book a time to chat with our team here.

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