In Short : What is Peppol and What are eInvoices?

In Short : What is Peppol and What are eInvoices?

Written by Malin Lundell

Peppol eInvoicing: interoperability for business

Peppol is a set of standards and technical specifications ensuring the secure and rapid transfer of electronic documents globally. Peppol’s components ensure interoperability of eInvoices and other e-procurement documents, facilitating easier global trade and full compliance with the regulatory requirements and taxation laws of transacting parties’ respective countries.

Peppol offers interoperability on both the transport of messages between Access Points (described below) and at the business document level:

  • Network architecture is standardized through technical policies and specifications.
  • Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) form the basis for standardized documents. BIS for Peppol 3.0 is currently used, based on the UBL (Universal Business Language) XML.

While we will only broadly outline the technical details in this blog post, you can read our Peppol Crash Course (PDF) for more in-depth information.

Peppol Access Points

Access Points are the communication nodes in the Peppol network, built on the four-corner model, which unites different service providers. This means that no matter which Access Point you are operating with, you can exchange business documents with any other registered participant on the network around the world. 

Combining architecture, business operability specifications, and ease of access to others through the global Peppol directory, interoperability for B2G and B2B eInvoicing is more seamless than ever before!

What are the benefits of eInvoicing?

For both the public and private sectors, eInvoicing provides strong benefits from the outset, which are:

Cost savings

eInvoicing cuts down on the cost of printing and materials, but the main savings are found in the fact that no manual handling needs to take place, meaning fewer approvals are needed and manual errors are drastically reduced.

Comparing paper- or PDF-based invoices to eInvoices, fan approximate saving of €15 for each invoice processed!

Greater efficiency and faster payments

Peppol’s structured data file means that nothing needs to be manually entered into a business’s accounting system, or no employee needs to spend their time chasing missing or incomplete data. Payments can be reconciled quicker, leading to improved cash flow, which is especially important for SMEs.

Lower risk of fraud

Emails can be easily hacked and invoice details changed to perpetrate scams. Peppol’s registration process, including business number authentication and listing on the global Peppol directory, along with the network’s architecture, make it a much more secure choice for exchanging important information.

2023 UK Finance report Over £1.2 billion was stolen through fraud in 2022, a reduction of eight per cent on 2021. The number of fraud cases across the UK was down four per cent to almost three million cases.

Easier facilitation of global trade

Peppol only requires one integration to be able to trade with any other partner. The adoption of different electronic procurement systems or the reliance on a host of service providers is no longer required. This means greater market access for businesses of all sizes, and a benefit to public sector procurers, who now have a wider selection of suppliers to choose from.

Easy ERP integration

Peppol can be easily integrated with an ERP system without having to purchase any new software. This works by using a Peppol infrastructure provider’s API and connecting it to your existing software without having to worry about things like hosting or obtaining additional certifications.

Environmentally friendly 

In an increasingly ecologically conscious economy, eInvoicing means less printing and resource use. Physical storage space is also no longer required.

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