Introducing Tickstar SMP 2.0

Introducing Tickstar SMP 2.0

Written by Malin

Introducing Tickstar SMP 2.0

Tickstar is the largest Peppol infrastructure provider in the world, with the SMP services used by approximately 100 organizations worldwide, such as the governments of Singapore and the Netherlands. With partnerships all over the world, we are constantly working to make sure we provide better value and features with greater functionality.

This is why we are proud to announce our Peppol SMP 2.0, which comes with greater usability and autonomy for Peppol network participants, whether they be large private sector businesses, ERP vendors, service providers, or public sector organizations. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the new features our SMP 2.0 provides, with a quick explainer at the end.


Update of Tickstar SMP and SMP API

On October 4th, at 21:00-22:00 CEST, 2021 Tickstar SMP will be updated 

SMP Lookups will continue to function during the maintenance window but you will not be able login or use the SMP API.

Our main goal for this update is to offer new features for all SMP users; admins, API users, as well as regular web users. These updates will make your day-to-day work managing your Peppol receivers a lot easier. Of course we have fixed bugs, thus improving usability and stability of the service.

Here are some of the things we added:

My Settings

  • There is now a possibility to subscribe to email notifications sent from your organization’s SMP Admin.
  • API tokens can be created by users assigned to any of the API roles.


  • The new participant listing design allows you to filter participants based on which document types they support.
  • Any filtered participant list can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • The detailed Participant view now displays which of your users that registered the Participant.

Admin user role

  • Your SMP Admin user can now create sub-organizations and manage them without making a request to the SMP host.
    For example, if your company has different geographical or legal entities you can now create sub-organizations so that their respective Peppol participants can be managed in isolation.
  • An SMP Admin user can now better view and manage other users within your organization, with the ability to list, add, edit, and suspend users, assign roles with preset permission schemes, and move a user to another sub-organization.

System owner role

The following features will not be available by default to all Admin users, but to System Owners, a role that only Tickstar can assign to one of your users.

  • E-mail notifications can now be directly sent out to users, customized to reach all or just some employees of a multinational company that uses the SMP.
    Note that any mail sent will be from, but you can set your own reply-to-address so that responses are received by you.
  • Control which documents your users can assign to participants
  • Supported receiving document types, for example, e-invoices, e-orders, e-shipping notes can be added or removed according to the preference of the System Owner.


SMP Features

The features mentioned above provide more functionality and autonomy for you as user. 

The last two things we want to highlight, while not new to this update, are also worth mentioning.

Temporary participants

For participants, the option to Publish in the Peppol directory can be turned off. Usually, when you add Peppol receivers to your Participants section, its information is published in the Peppol Directory, which is obviously not desirable if you want to create a temporary participant for testing purposes.


Tickstar’s SMP API can be integrated into your software, meaning you can get a seamless experience when creating and updating your Peppol receivers.

Try the new features in our Test SMP

To try the new features out in a Test SMP (that uses the SMK, which is the TestSML), simply follow the link here.

For more details on the previous major update in March 2020, please visit SMP and SMP API update.

What is a Peppol SMP?

An SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) is one of the core components of the Peppol eDelivery Network. Through an SMP, Peppol participants publish their participant IDs, document type receiving capabilities, and which Peppol Access Point is used to receive business documents, such as e-invoices or e-orders.

No matter which SMP is used, each new participant will add a record to the SML (service metadata locator) and to Peppol Directory in which you can find the participant’s metadata such as name. It is however only through an SMP you can manage participants, such as create and change them.

How does an SMP work with the Peppol SML?

The SML, Service Metadata Locator, is another key component of Peppol eDelivery Network. In order to send a business document, the Access Point (corner 2) of a sending participant (corner 1) retrieves information from the SML about the location of the receiving participant’s (corner 4) SMP, which stores its receiving capability information. Once the URL to Corner 3 Access Point is fetched by the Corner 2 Access Point from the SMP response, the actual Peppol transaction is initiated.

The SML is centralized and allows for the use of dynamic discovery. This is achieved by the SML, SMP, and DNS working together to allow a Peppol Access Point to find up-to-date information about a receiving party sending a business document on the Peppol network. Dynamic discovery is one factor that makes the Peppol network so effective; its core components allow for automation, scalability, and the secure retrieval of accurate information.


Get more with Tickstar

No matter which country your business is from, in a matter of days we can set you up to transact with any public or private sector organization in the world, or become a Peppol Access Point provider. Our fast-tracked accreditation process brings costs down and gets rid of all the hassle that comes with certifications, agreements, development, hosting, and maintenance.

Tickstar’s SMP 2.0 and API is the next iteration of our already user-friendly solution, demonstrating our commitment to bringing the highest quality service to our customers.

With Tickstar you get:

  • A choice of shared instance or white-labeled Access Point accreditation.
  • Scalability, so you can handle any number of clients quickly and without technical disruptions.
  • Automatic adherence to certifications for all Peppol Authorities and regions.
  • Comprehensive onboarding and documentation so you can get started easily.
  • Additional features like Peppol document validation, Peppol Participant Lookup API, IP whitelisting for your business environment, and encryption at rest.
  • Updates to the Tickstar Platform according to new requirements by OpenPeppol.
  • New advanced features that the Tickstar Team routinely develops and adds to its Services.
  • Stunning support and error handling.

Get in touch to get started with the Peppol standard today! Our friendly service team can answer any of your questions, give you a detailed pricing breakdown, or run a demo, showing you why Peppol is the network of choice for the EU, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand