What is a Peppol SMP?

With document types supporting different business processes, it is easier than ever to send e-invoices and other e-documents to private companies and public sector organizations around the world. SMPs are part of what makes Peppol so easy and transparent.

An SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) is a registry that stores:

The receiver’s metadata (such as name and Peppol Identifiers)

Document type receiving capabilities

Which Access Points the receiver uses to receive each document type

Does my organization need an SMP?

Businesses that only send do not require to be registered in an SMP; an Access Point is sufficient. An SMP is necessary for any organization receiving documents.

Only businesses registered with an SMP are visible in the Peppol Directory.

Setting up a Peppol SMP is simple

Get your Peppol SMP today

Full functionality for Service providers, companies and public sector organisations

Instant Peppol compliance

Interface for maximum visibility and ease-of-use

Hosting included

Extensive experience and round-the-clock support

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