Tickstar Peppol Add-ons

Tickstar is the most used white-labeled Peppol Infrastructure service in the world. We work with private companies, public sector organizations and provide National SMPs to the governments of Singapore and the Netherlands. Due to these commitments, we adhere to the strictest of standards and are constantly working to develop and integrate new features that provide greater value for our clients.

What we offer

01 The Participant Lookup API:

Allows sending Access Points to check if a receiver is registered in the Peppol network and which business documents it is capable of receiving.

Returns a receiver regardless of which SMP it is registered in, making it a true global Participant Lookup.

Can be called from within your internal workflow, meaning the target format will be known before transferring the document to Peppol.

Allows you to get the API response in either json or xml.

02 The SMP API:

Allows seamless integration with Tickstar, so you can manage your Peppol receivers and from within your own applications.

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03 The Validator:

Allows you to validate your Peppol documents in real time. The validator supports all Peppol documents for which there are publicly available validation artifacts.

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Tickstar has been at the forefront of Peppol infrastructure services since 2012, making sure this rapidly expanding network can be used with satisfaction by users around the world.

With Tickstar's Galaxy Gateway you get:

Increased functionality and robust features

Instant Peppol compliance

Impressive interface for maximum visibility and ease-of-use

Hosting included

Extensive experience and round-the-clock support

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