PEPPOL Access Point Monitoring

PEPPOL Access Point Monitoring

Written by Malin

Peppol Access Points

We are thrilled to introduce a free service that lists the current status of PEPPOL Access Points. By visiting a web page you will be able to instantly find if an access point is online or not. You will find the link at the bottom of this page.

Customers of ours, who have put their faith in letting us operate their PEPPOL Access Point or SMP, already today receive notifications from us when we suffer from disruptions impacting their ability to connect with other PEPPOL access points.

Every service provider suffer from unwanted events – so do we. We want to promptly and openly let our customers know as soon as we discover that something is wrong in our ability to deliver. 

We communicate outages and disruptions by sending e-mail alerts to affected customers. We also use Twitter for alerts and updates.

Why do we do this?

We have argued for some time that a service like this should already have been available via official channels such as but since we have great developers that love to invent tools that save time on your and our end we have decided to bring this to the public for anyone to use. We have used it internally already for a couple of months. 

Our way of communicating is highly appreciated among our customers since it helps them to better handle our disruptions when having information at hand. This service is intended mainly for our customers in order to save valuable time when they can’t get files through to other Access Points. However, if it can be used by others in the PEPPOL network, we are happy to be able to contribute by offering this service.

Limitations of this service

We currently do not check all PEPPOL access points, simply because we don’t know about them. If there are access points you can’t find in the list, let us know and we will add them. Please include both the URL and a preferred ‘nice name’ of the access point.

Technical details

The checks are performed every minute by performing a http request that looks for a specific set of keywords on the Access Points’ endpoint web page.

If the first check fails, i.e due to a request timeout, a re-check is performed from another server within 15 seconds. If that check also fails, two more servers on different continents step in and perform checks to verify the status. If all checks fail, the status switches to “offline”. The checks continue to be performed every minute and when the access point responds again, the status will change to “online”.


The colours used for uptime levels are the following:
green: higher than 98.5%
orange: between 94.0% and 98.5%
red: less than 94.0%

The “status” column has two colours, online is green and offline is red.

Service levels

The levels are the ones required by OpenPEPPOL according to the transport infrastructure agreement (TIA) which a PEPPOL Access Point service provider has signed and is mandated to comply with.

Below you will find the SLA outlined in section 4.1 in Annex 3 of the TIA:

Access Point Services exposed to other PEPPOL Access Points must be available on average:

  • 98,5% of the time from Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 CET (business hours)
  • 94,0% of the remaining period.
  • Availability is measured monthly and service windows are included in “down time”.

How reliable is this service?

If an access point is offline, it means that the checks failed. Your access point will not be able to send files to access points that are “offline”. 
However, there might be cases when you fail to send to an access point that seems to be online since it has other issues, not discovered by this service.

Known issues

You will find that many access points are listed twice. The reason is that they currently are able to receive files both with the deprecated START protocol and AS2 (mandatory since Sept 1st 2014).

During October 2014 all START checks will be removed since AS2 is the mandatory transport protocol since Sept 1st.

Access points are not added and changed automatically so if a PEPPOL access point decides to change its URL it will appear to be offline on this page until we have updated to the new URL.

Don’t forget

Please be reminded that this service provided as is, free of charge. Consider that since the look and feel can change (to the better) without prior notice. 

We might discontinue this page when there’s a publicly available monitoring page offered by OpenPEPPOL.

Here’s the link to the service: Please bookmark it so you can come back later. Share the link with anyone you think might appreciate it.

All feedback is warmly welcomed.