eInvoicing in France

In an effort to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and combat fraud and tax evasion, France has obtained permission from the European Commission to mandate B2B eInvoicing for all businesses, widening the 2020 B2G eInvoicing law. All companies, regardless of size, must be able to receive eInvoices by 2024.


France initially laid out an ambitious plan for businesses of any size to transact using eInvoices, with requirements for large businesses beginning in 2024, mid-sized businesses in 2025, and finally, small businesses in 2026. However, this mandate has been postponed to afford taxpayers more time to comply with the associated regulations. A revised timeline will be announced as part of the Finance Law for 2024.

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No matter your business, Tickstar will get you transacting the electronic documents you need in just a few steps.

Benefits of eInvoicing with Tickstar

Tickstar provides the connection for you to efficiently and securely exchange eDocuments with verified local and international B2G and B2B partners. This is achieved through the Peppol framework, which is rapidly growing as the international standard for eInvoicing and more!


Tickstar handles setup and maintenance while you enjoy the benefits.

Cost savings –

eInvoicing is estimated to save French public sector authorities and private businesses billions of euros per year. When considering processing costs, a study commissioned by the Australian Tax Office shows a 66% saving — a cost of EUR 5,61 to process an eInvoice, as opposed to EUR 16,90 for a PDF invoice sent through email.

Faster invoice payout –

A direct secure connection without middlemen allows for faster receival and even the automation of payments, without any of the errors that can come from manual entry of information.

Compliance with EU regulations –

Peppol was built to European specifications and complies with directive 2014/55/EU on eInvoicing in public procurement.

User-friendly interface and advanced tools –

Refined over 11 years by Tickstar’s Peppol pioneers, we offer expert tools that eclipse those offered by our competitors. This includes our Peppol Validator, Participant Lookup API and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), designed to ensure you get the most out of your eInvoicing experience within your own applications!

Direct connection to ERP systems –

If you’re a larger government agency or enterprise, Tickstar’s API connection allows Peppol to be built into your ERP systems. For software vendors, Peppol can be provided as part of your customised software packages to businesses around the world — opening another revenue stream with ease.

Compatible with Factur-X and Chorus Pro –

Peppol is enabled through Chorus Pro, and can be used to send eInvoices in the Peppol BIS Billing or Factur-X formats. Through Peppol, businesses have one connection to efficiently transact both within France and internationally, reaching the growing number of entities on the Peppol network with ease.

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eInvoicing in France

As a bloc, the European Union is estimated to account for just over 20% of global GDP. Within the EU, France represents the second largest economy behind Germany, with a GDP of €3 trillion. Due to its strong business ties to neighbouring Western and Central European countries, the country is taking seriously its commitment — in line with European Commission directives — to promote eInvoicing and digital business practices.

In 2017, only 11 million eInvoices were sent through Chorus Pro, the country’s public portal for B2G and B2B eInvoicing; by 2020 there were already over 54 million, and 2022 saw almost 74 million. The portal is now used by 850.000 enterprises and 130.000 public sector organisations.

Although France is yet to have a national Peppol Authority, the network has been embraced by many organisations. As well as being compatible with the Chorus Pro system, the network allows entities to transact eInvoices and other eDocuments both within France and throughout the international market, thanks to Peppol BIS Billing.

Ambitiously, France is pushing to ensure that businesses of any size transact using eInvoices, with requirements for large businesses beginning in 2024, mid-sized businesses in 2025, and finally, small businesses in 2026. This has been achieved by receiving derogation from the European Commission under 2006/112/EC — the VAT Directive — Articles 218 and 232.

Due to these developments, we will undoubtedly continue to see businesses adopt eInvoicing, and with it, the Peppol network. As there are currently less than 800 Peppol participants from France — compared to over 2.000 in Germany and close to 16.000 in Italy — there is definitely scope for growth.

Who we work with

Tickstar has been at the forefront of Peppol innovation since 2012, ably serving governments and private enterprises throughout the world. In France, we work with:

About Tickstar

Tickstar has been a certified Peppol service provider since 2012. Based in Sweden, the company works with governmental bodies, large enterprises, and ERP providers around the world. As the number of Peppol participants within the network continues to grow, so does Tickstar’s footprint, with a reputation as a dependable partner, providing the infrastructure for in-house use or third-party organisations that wish to deliver Peppol services to market.

In 2021, Tickstar was acquired by Xero—a global cloud accounting software platform. Xero saw the strong connection between our purpose and theirs, which is to help businesses thrive through the use of better tools, information and connections. Tickstar has enabled eInvoicing functionality for all Xero customers with an ongoing subscription.

As a proudly European company, we understand the challenges that public sector organisations and private companies face in keeping up with domestic and Europe-wide regulations. By signing up with Tickstar, you can efficiently exchange eInvoices and other electronic documentation with any partner, while staying compliant at all times.

About Peppol

Peppol is a set of standards and technical specifications ensuring the secure and rapid transfer of electronic documents globally. Peppol’s components ensure interoperability of eInvoices and other eProcurement documents, facilitating easier global trade and full compliance with the regulatory requirements and taxation laws of transacting parties’ respective countries. It also significantly cuts down on instances of invoice fraud, as is easily achieved when transacting through email or other unsecured messenger service.

The communication nodes in the network, called Access Points, allow direct connections between verified participants to send and receive standardised documentation, in what is called the Four-corner model. In short, Peppol is a connect once, reach all network.

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