Tickstar SMP version v.1.18 released

Tickstar SMP version v.1.18 released

Written by Malin

New version v.1.18 of Tickstar SMP

We have released version 1.18 of Tickstar SMP. It includes a number of goodies, including:

  • Deprecated Peppol documents are no longer selectable when adding documents to a participant, see image 1 below. The warning message links to a page describing the migration policy of Peppol.

Image 1: As a a logged in SMP user you will notice that participants that have deprecated documents assigned to them now display a warning.

General bug fixes and improvements

  • Restrictions so that an SMP user is only able to view and add relevant documents, see image 2 below.

Image 2: This participant has a document assigned to it that the SMP user not allowed add due to a restriction.

  • Improvements of Peppol Directory synchronization when Peppol Directory Indexer is temporarily down.
  • Support for HTTP/1.0 web client
  • If participants have deprecated documents assigned to them, this is now indicated with a warning when performing a Participant Lookup – see image below. Warnings are only visible when being logged in to the SMP.
  • Added Australian/New Zealand document types
  • Added Polish document types
  • A bunch of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements to make the the best Peppol SMP even safer, faster and smoother to use.

We have received reports that Internet Explorer 11 (and earlier versions) have issues rendering participants lookups properly, such as https://my.galaxygw.com/participantlookup#/0007/5567212047.

We recommend that you use the latest version of any of the following browsers

If you experience a web page with gibberish when being logged in to the SMP, make sure to clear your web browser cache and reload the page.

Please get in touch with support@tickstar.com if you experience any issues or have questions.