Peppol Oxalis vs. Tickstar’s SaaS Technical Comparison

In our free guide, we give you a side-by-side analysis of Oxalis and our Galaxy Gateway services, so you can decide the best way to implement Peppol for your business.

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  • Who is this technical comparison for?

    This ebook is primarily for ERP vendors, service providers, VAN operators, public sector organizations, and large enterprises with their own accounting systems who are looking to implement Peppol.

  • How long does it take to read?

    In just a 10 minute read, you’ll have a solid understanding of the differences between implementing Oxalis and partnering with a Peppol SaaS provider.

  • Why else should I check out this guide?

    As the network and its participants grow, implementing Peppol is currently either a national requirement, or a business imperative. Clear knowledge is the key to successful implementation.

Implement Peppol the smart way

As the largest Peppol infrastructure provider in the world, we have the expertise to guide you through the network.

Explore our technical comparison between Oxalis and Galaxy Gateway and see the differences in:

  • Becoming Peppol ready.

  • Complying with OpenPeppol certifications.

  • Technical development and implementation.

  • Longer term maintenance.

  • White-labeled and shared-instance Access Point accreditation.

Join the world of seamless e-documentation transfer and grow your business, facilitated by Galaxy Gateway.

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