Delivering Peppol to Your Clients

Peppol is expanding in Europe, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, with new OpenPeppol members, a greater number of Access Points, and more registered participants joining the network every day. As the framework at the center of e-invoicing strategies in the European Union, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, there is a greater demand for ERP providers to incorporate Peppol for their clients than ever before.

SAP, Xero, and more have expanded their product offering to include Peppol integration as part of their software, giving users a way to automate the sending, receiving, and processing of e-invoices, e-orders, and many other types of electronic documentation with any other Peppol participant in the world. Multiple point-to-point integrations between business parties are no longer required. Peppol is a connect once, reach all network.

While an increasing number of big players are working with the Peppol network, there are gaps in the market caused by those that are not Peppol enabled. By connecting your ERP software to Peppol, you are able to offer solutions to:

  • Suppliers that are now required by Directive 2014/55/EU to send structured European Standard (EN 16931) compliant e-invoices to public sector contracting authorities.
  • Public sector organizations in Europe, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand that are required by law to process e-invoices according to specifications that Peppol provides.
  • Businesses of all sizes that want to take advantage of Peppol for cost-effective, efficient, and secure B2B transactions, both domestically and internationally.

Additionally, you are able to develop new revenue streams for your business that would otherwise have to work with diverse Value Added Network (VAN) operators.

In this short blog post, we will look at the network, its expansion, and how you can connect to Peppol with fast-tracked Access Point accreditation in just a few simple steps.

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Quick Peppol Setup for Business Growth

What is Peppol?

As mentioned above, Peppol only needs one connection to reach any other participant securely. The four-corner model, which unites service providers, makes it a connect once, reach all network.

The components of the Peppol network ensure technological and message-level interoperability, which means that documents sent from one country to another will comply with all local laws and regulations.

To find out more about how Peppol works, head over to our About Peppol page.

Peppol Growth

Starting as a European Commission-funded project, Peppol has grown to not only be the framework of choice for the European Union’s e-invoicing initiative, but for the governments of Norway, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand as well. It has been adopted by private companies for B2B operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey and Switzerland, while Japan is expected to establish a Peppol Authority in the country in the near future.

Growth in overall transaction numbers is hard to come by, but as an increasing number of both public sector organizations and private companies implement e-invoicing, we can get a rough idea from looking at statistics collected by some European countries.

In France, the number of e-invoices sent through the national e-invoicing platform, ChorusPro, went from 11 million in 2017 to 54.6 million in 2020.

In Norway, the most advanced e-invoicing country, 99% of public contracting authorities now utilize the Peppol network, with just under 208,000 participants registered. Figures collected up to the end of 2018 show the rise of e-invoice transactions. The amount of electronic document transactions through the Peppol network has undoubtedly grown substantially since then.

Connecting your ERP software to Peppol

By connecting your ERP software to the Peppol network, you are serving a growing market where e-document transactions are the norm. By connecting early, you can gain an edge over competitors, before the time comes when having Peppol implementation is simply an expected part of a company’s accounting software.

Once Access Point accredited, you can create a Peppol ID for any private or public sector client, where they can access the following benefits:

  • Reduced administrative manual handling;
  • Significant cost-savings (of roughly two-thirds in comparison with paper-based invoicing)
  • Simplified oversight and monitoring;
  • Elimination of manual handling errors;
  • Vast reduction in invoice fraud.

In order to provide Peppol to clients, OpenPeppol mandates a strict accreditation process, where, among other things, technical competency must be demonstrated. Only large and well-resourced companies, ERP vendors, Service Providers, and Value Added Network (VAN) operators have the knowledge and resources to undertake all the steps required, and even then the requirements of development, hosting, support, and maintenance can prove prohibitive.

How to get Peppol Access Point accredited the easy way

We outline in detail most of the steps taken in the accreditation process in our recent blog post, Peppol Access Points – Setting Up Your Own or Working with a Provider, but in short, the process involves:

  • Gaining OpenPeppol membership.
  • Signing the Peppol Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA), detailing the responsibilities of the Access Point provider (you) and the Peppol Authority, which works within the framework set by OpenPeppol to deliver and oversee regional implementation.
  • Submitting due diligence checks of your organization and its senior staff.
  • Technical competency and security testing.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate request.
  • Ongoing development, maintenance, and support.

This process can take months, which is too long for some large organizations who, due to contractual obligations, need to start transacting on Peppol immediately. Furthermore, the manpower required to host Peppol infrastructure and provide user-friendly access to clients can be considerable.
All of these things considered, most organizations; from government agencies to banks and ERP vendors, work with Peppol infrastructure providers. This small number of infrastructure providers ensure fast-tracked Access Point accreditation, so that it’s easy for businesses to implement Peppol within their organization, or provide Peppol services to a growing list of clients, effectively becoming a Peppol Access Point provider by proxy.

Why work with Tickstar?

As a Peppol infrastructure provider, we have been providing Peppol Access Point accreditation, as well as all the technical aspects of developing and hosting, for the better part of 10 years. We can get your business Peppol ready in a matter of days!

Working with governments and large software providers such as SAP, Xero, Hogia, Visma, and Björn Lundén we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the market, with features that can be utilized by your business, or passed on for the benefit of your clients, strengthening your brand profile.

With Tickstar you get:

  • A choice of shared instance or white-labeled Access Point accreditation.
  • An advanced SMP dashboard, with the possibility of API integration with your current software.
  • Scalability, so you can handle any number of clients quickly and without technical disruptions.
  • Automatic adherence to certifications for all Peppol Authorities and regions.
  • Comprehensive onboarding and documentation so you can get started easily.
  • Additional features like Peppol document validation, Peppol Participant Lookup API, IP whitelisting for your business environment, and encryption at rest.
  • Updates to the Galaxy Gateway Platform according to new requirements by OpenPeppol.
  • New advanced features that the Tickstar Team develops and adds to Galaxy Gateway Services.
  • Stunning support and error handling.

We live and breathe Peppol, and know how best to make it work for your business, so get in touch with us to ask any questions, get a detailed pricing breakdown, or request a demo!

Learn more about shared instance and white-labeled Access Point accreditation with our new explainer video: Quick Peppol Setup For Business Growth